Stainless Steel Skirting Boards

Mox stainless steel skirting boards are mostly preferred in crowded public areas and humid areas for being stainless and non-oxidizing. These products prevent moisture in the application areas and reduce the transmission of impact sound. Gives an aesthetic appearance by hiding application defects in floor and wall transitions. They are extremely durable, long-lasting and corrosion resistant by being produced from 304L quality stainless steel. 201 quality stainless steel alternative also available. Mox stainless steel skirting boards have mirror, satin, exclusive super mirror surfaces and anthracite, bronze, copper, gold, inox color options.

Stainless Steel Skirting Boards


Stainless skirting board profile, protects the wall from possible damages by furnishing at the joining point of the wall and floor and prevents the possible dirty views at the wall ends. Stainless skirting board profile provides an esthetic image to the application place.

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